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Jinyu Han, Business Developer for China at Back Market

Septembre 2019

Hello! Who are you?

Hello, this is Jinyu, people call me Echo for short. Originally from China, I moved over to Australia for my bachelor’s degree and here I am in France, for almost six years so far.

I had been working in the luxury and fashion industry before coming to Back Market, and I love my current job!

What do you do at Back Market ?

As Business Developer at Back Market, I am responsible for the commercial growth of the Asian market, with a focus on China in particular.

My main missions are ranging from online and offline marketing activitiesmerchants’ acquisition and support throughout their sales life by making sure that they provide the best quality products at the right time.

To sum up, building up a solid commercial bridge for sellers from Asia to come to sell successfully on Back Market.

What is your typical day at Back Market?

It usually goes like this:

  • I start with daily sales reviews of each seller, and I solve any problem I find quickly, with the objective of maximizing sales.
  • And then I conduct some competitive market analysis of the Asian market, in order to find potential business opportunities and partners in related fields.

Why did you join the company?

Simply put: Back Market is the most open minded company that I have ever worked for.

And they didn’t even test my French level during interviews, which is incredible when you try to find a job in France as a foreigner. French test is always essential for interviews, even though you don’t need to speak French for the job…

What is your favorite product on the platform?

The Panda Phone 🙂

What was the last app you have installed on your smartphone?

Spendesk. Lots of Business going on, so we have to fly very often too!

What was your last ecological act?

Giving out my used clothes, as always.

What is your mantra?

Stay hungry stay foolish (I know…).

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